Four Simple Steps to Effectively Handle Upset Customers
- Article by Will Maquire

Many times in my career I have been exposed to a simple and effective system to help deal with an irate or upset customer. There are other variations of this system, but the most effective I have found, and use, is what is called the service LEAP.


Time Management: Are Your People Assertive Enough?
- Article by Kevin Dwyer

Most time management programmes miss a critical element. The element is our own degree of assertiveness.

Time management programmes usually encompass the following elements:

  • Goal setting
  • "To do" list
  • Prioritisation of the activities on the "to do" list


The Societal Role of Architecture
- Article by Aazdak Alisimo

From the very first time man decided to build a structure other than a private hut for his own dwelling place, there has been a need for someone to design and oversee its construction. Since that time, architecture has helped develop structures reflecting and integrating the theme of the particular times in the buildings of civilization.


Surviving the Slog of Trade Shows
- Article by Susan Stellin

Business travelers love to tell horror stories about every stage of their trips, from surly security guards in airports to cramped seats in airplanes to high phone fees at hotels.

But one ordeal that gets less attention - attending conventions and trade shows - seems to inspire just as much dread.


Top Eleven Ways to Lose an Employee
- Article by Herbert M. Cannon

11. Having an Empty Supply Cabinet
Having an empty supply cabinet sends all the wrong signals. In addition to wasting time looking for the supplies they need to complete their work, they are left to wonder if incompetence, frugality or financial difficulties are to blame.


Why Buy Brand Names When We Can Create Our Own?
- Article by Trevor Boddy

Some have called it "starchitecture." Now it goes by the smoother marketing handle of "iconic architecture." Like an aesthetic flu shot, some think this is just the boost our town now needs to get out of its architectural sick bed. Not me.